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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Big Book Sale

I'm clearing the shelves and they are not coming with me.

All £3.00 unless otherwise noted, will do a deal for 'bulk'

Payment by PayPal

UK Postage by Hermes at cost or cost +10% if not using Friends & Family. Weights in brackets to get an indication.

Ian V Hogg: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Artillery (1400g)

Richard Natkei/John Pimlott: Atlas Of Warfare (1600g)

AJ Smithers: A New Excalibur (1300g)

George & Anne Forty: They Also Served (1200g)

Steve Pope: Hornblower's Navy (900g)

Major F Myatt MC: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of 19th Century Firearms (1100g)

Barrie Pitt: The Military History of World War II (2500g)

Ross Burns: The World War I Album (1700g)

Pacific Stars and Stripes Vietnam Front Pages (1000g)

The Tet Offensive (900g)

Arthur Frank: Sci-Fi Now  £2.00 (400g)

The Tank Museum Guide from early 1980s  - £2.00 (100g)

Cyril Falls: Armageddon 1918 (500g)

Douglas Welsh: The Vietnam War (600g)

Charles T. Kamps Jnr.: The History of the Vietnam War (1700g)

Chris Ellis: The Scale Modellers Handbook (1000g)

Bruce Quarrie: Modelling Military Vehicles (500g)

Adam Zamoyski: 1812 Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow £3.00 (500g)

Andrew Roberts: Napoleon and Wellington £2.50 (400g)

Dress Regulations 1846 (500g)

Gregory Blaxand: The Buffs (400g)

HT Lenton and JJ Collegde: Warships of World War II Part 8: Landing Craft £2.00 (200g)

Robert Furneaux: The Seven Years War (800g)

Paul Lewis Isemonger: The English Civil War A Living History (400g)

Ivan Lapper & Christopher Lapper: The Norman Conquest £3.00 (300g)

A.H. Bowling: British Infantry Regiments £2.00 (200g)

AF Scott: Everyone a Witness (700g)

Adrian Gilbert: Illustrated History of World War I (1800g)

Douglas Welsh: The History of the Vietnam War (1100g)

The Castle Museum York £1.00 (100g)

The Tank Museum Exhibition Guide £1.00 (200g)

Heraldry Of War Medals, Badges and Uniforms £2.50 (300g)

Goscinny and Uderzo: Asterix in Britain £2.00 (200g)

Handguns 1300-1870 £2.50 (300g)

Before Endeavours Fade £2.50 (300g)

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Souvenir Guide from 1999 £1.00 (300g)

John Pimlott: World War II in Pictures (1000g)

A.B.C. Whipple: The Mediterranean World War II (1100g)

John S. Bowman: The Vietnam War Day by Day (1300g)

The Hobbit Graphic Novel Book 3 £2.50 (200g)

Janusz Piekalkiewicz: Tank War 1939-1945 (1000g)

Maurice Ashley: The English Civil War (700g)

Richard Ollard: This War Without an Enemy (900g)

Anthony Bruce: The Illustrated Companion to the First World War (1400g)

Edward Wagner: European Weapons and Warfare 1618-1648 £20.00 (2100g)

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