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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hail Hannibal this time

Following on from last weeks game of Hail Caesar set in the Punic Wars, on Tuesday Richard and I had another bash, this week increasing the forces from 450pts to 600pts.

I basically added more Gauls in a new division while Richard spent most of his extras on additional cavalry. The 600pt armies were basically wall-to-wall on a 6ft frontage.

My Numidians on the left flank were again stars of the show, they softened up every Roman cavalry unit and at the end of the game had them all shaken for no loss of their own.

In the centre it was nip and tuck, the Gauls charged in, and as expected had a 50:50 success rate, smashing the Hastatus aside in one spot while recoiling off shaken in another.

As you can see though it all looked rather impressive.

As seen here Richard was having some terrible luck with his rolls, one Roman unit that locked shields took six unsaved hits, but it certainly did not all go my way.

Eventually the Gauls were falling back, one Division shattered and another teetering on the edge so it was time to commit the African Veterans and Spanish. These caused great destruction against the Alae that had been softened up by the Gauls.

However, the demise of the Gauls had left the Carthaginian army on the brink and when we wrapped up after three hours of fun we declared a winning draw to the Romans.

Great fun again and Richard is a real gent.

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