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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday 17 February 2016

Hail Scipio

Last Tuesday saw Richard and myself having another bash at Hail Caesar, this time using our Punic Wars collections. I picked a Carthaginian force with a command of Libyan Spears, a command of Gallic Warbands, a command of Spaniards and a command of Numidians. Richard had three Alae of Romans supported by a command of Gallic and Numidian horse.

I deployed with the Gauls and Spanish in front of the Libyans and with the Numidians thrown out to the right. The Romans had the three Alae in the centre and the supporting cavalry on his left.

The Carthaginians started proceedings but were unable to motivate the troops in the centre, but were more successful on the left here the Numidians were soon harassing the Roman cavalry

After their tardy start the Carthaginian foot were closing in on the Romans and there was soon an almighty clash as the Gallic and Spanish warriors charged home.

As can be expected against Romans the honours were about even, the Spanish especially fared badly, but that was more of a consequence of me treating them as a Morale Save of 6 rather than a 5+!

The Carthaginians now committed the African spearmen and  the combat ground on with neither side getting the upper hand although we  had lost a division a piece by this time.

With shaken units all over the place both armies were rapidly approaching their break point. Despite being nip and tuck all along the line it was the Romans who collapsed first for a very narrow Carthaginian victory.

Here are some more images from the game. All figures from the collections of Richard and myself.

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