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Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Challenge 2016 - The ongoing war against the lead mountain

Well it's time for a recap in the war against the Lead Mountain.

2016 was a pretty good year for getting stuff done for myself and checking the list I painted 303 foot, 35 mounted, three Mechs and two guns.

  • 44 Perry Miniatures First Crusade (as Spanish).
  • 26 Perry Miniatures Mounted First Crusade (as Spanish).
  • 58 Gripping Beast Berbers.
  • 4 Gripping Beast Andalusian Cavalry
  • 17 Miniature Design Studio Berbers.
  • 20 North Star International Brigade. 
  • 2 North Star Anarchists.
  • 1 Artizan Eric Blair.
  • 1 Artizan Ernest Hemmingway.
  • 1 Painting War Republican pilot.
  • 33 Empress Spanish Foreign Legion.
  • 1 Partizan George Stephenson
  • 73 Crusader Miniatures WWII Germans
  • 55 Assault Group Soviets
  • 13 Crusader Miniatures Soviets
  • 4 Warlord Games Soviets
  • Battletech Dragon-II
  • Battletech Arbalest
  • Battletech Raptor-II
  • 5 Black Tree Camelry

Not as many as last years total but given two months of low and no activity while we packed everything up and moved to the US I'm not too worried.

I've been pretty good at staying on plan and adding troops to existing projects with the Spanish Civil and El Cid collections receiving a significant boost in 2016. I was also good at not starting too many new things, just a trio of Mechs for Battletech and small collection of WWII Soviets and Germans so I can play some Chain of Command games.

I also made three building for the Eastern Front project.

I did a small amount of painting for others adding 56 more painted foot to the total.

  • 38 Great War Miniatures WWI Germans for James M.
  • 6 Artizan Partizans for Tony S.
  • 12 Vikings for Tony S.

Now on to the other side of the balance sheet, in 2016 I purchased quite a bit more new stuff than I though - this is why it is a good idea to keep a tally...

  • 24 Empress Miniatures Militants.
  • 4 Empress Modern British
  • 20 Northstar International Brigade.
  • 1 Artizan Ernest Hemmingway
  • 2 Artizan Anarchists
  • 16 Empress Spanish Foreign Legion
  • 4 Bolt Action WWII Soviets
  • 13 Crusader Miniatures WWII Soviets
  • 77 Crusader Miniatures WWII Germans
  • 45 Assault Group Soviets
  • Northstar 45mm Obr 1942
  • Northstar PaK36
  • Battletech Dragon-II
  • Battletech Raptor-II
  • Battletech Arbalest
  • 4 Gripping Beast Moors
  • 8 Gripping Beast Arabs (to use as Andalusians)

That's, a total of 220 foot, two guns and three Mechs. The good news being that apart from 8 of the Gripping Beast Arabs (which are painted but not based) every single figure I purchased new in 2016 is painted and based and ready to play.

However, also on the negative side of the balance sheet I was gifted quite a bit of stuff and acquired quite a bit more in LAF trades.

  • 24 Perry Miniatures First Crusade (birthday present from Marie).
  • 6 Perry Miniatures First Crusade (LAF trade with Alex).
  • 15 Perry Miniatures First Crusade cavalry (LAF trade with Alex).
  • 12 Perry Miniatures First Crusade (LAF trade with Pedro).
  • 15 Perry Miniatures First Crusade cavalry (LAF trade with Pedro).
  • 32 Gripping Beast Moors (LAF trade with Ross).
  • 14 Gripping Beast Moor Cavalry (LAF trade with Ross).
  • 5 Black Tree Moor Camelry (LAF trade with Ross).
  • 8 Gripping Beast Berbers (Christmas Presents from Mum & Dad).
  • Pegasus T-34 (Christmas Present from Mum & Dad).
  • 8 Gripping Beast Berbers (Christmas Presents from Victoria).
  • 40 Bolt Action Soviets (Tony S).
  • T-34 (Tony S).
  • Pz-II (Tony S).
  • SdKfz-231 (Tony S).

So, 130 infantry, 44 cavalry and four vehicles, this does take me rather into the red on the balance sheet for 2016, but 56 of those infantry and the four vehicles only turned up in the last seven days.

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