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Sunday, 5 March 2017

War of Spanish Succession Dutch (1)

Back in January, Drew, Bruce and myself embarked upon a new project and decided it would be the War of Spanish Succession in 6mm. My favourite 6mm manufacturer, Adler Miniatures, does not cover this period so we opted for the very nice looking range from Baccus 6mm.

After some discussion we decided that Drew would make a start on a French for and myself Dutch and sent off an order for a couple of army packs plus some additional 'shine' mainly foot and horse expansion packs. Bruce has since ordered some Bavarians.

There was quite a delay from Baccus and they did not even ship until four weeks after the order was placed, but mid-February the package arrived and Drew and I were divvying up our forces.

Over the past two weeks I've been painting these in batches of 76 infantry or 27 horse, I think that these batches are a bit big and will likely drop to painting a base at a time in the future.

The first unit I completed was a battalion of the Schlangenberg Regiment. 76 foot on three bases, two of the stands are grenadiers on the right of the unit and another two of pikemen in the centre.

The second unit was a battalion of the Salisch Regiment, again with 8 grenadiers and 8 pikemen added to the mix.

The last unit, finished only yesterday was three squadrons of the Nassau Saarbrucken Regiment.

Apart from a few miscasts on the cavalry these have been a joy to paint and I plan to get a load more painted as part of this project. Another order has already been placed with Baccus. I think once I have 6 to 8 regiments of foot and 12 to 16 squadrons of horse done for the Dutch I'll make a start on some English.

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