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Sunday, 19 March 2017

War of Spanish Succession Dutch (3)

More Dutch troops joined the contingent this week, with another battalion of infantry, two squadrons of horse and two troops of dragoons.

First up is a battalion of foot from the Von Pallandt regiment, nice yellow cuffs and waistcoats made a nice change and it's always good to read that a unit did not have a lace trim on their tricorns, it's probably the part of painting these that I like the least.

I need to print off a standard for these, fortunately there is a very good one on

Two squadrons of horse from the Hesse-Cassel Regiment, again the bonus of no lace trim on the tricorn. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I've changed the painting style this week. Rather than 'brown-lining' with Windsor & Newton Peat Brown, I've gone for an all-over with Tamiya Smoke varnish, the added benefit being that they get a tough coat to help with any rough handling they may get.

I've also painted up two troops of dragoons from the Van Schlippenberg regiment, the red coats make a nice change from all that grey and grey/white. The mounted models though are horrendous, many miscasts on both the head and tails of the horse. I think Baccus need to work a little more on that mould.

These are the mounted bases.

The dismounted dragoons, very nice figures in an active firing and loading pose, while one chap tends to the horses.

I've also added a couple more generals to the force. With the four battalions of foot, eight squadrons of horse and two troops of dragoons it was time to add more to the command structure.

I'm pretty much out of troops to paint now, but I had a notification that my last order shipped about a week ago so hopefully they will be in Wisconsin soon.

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