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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

War of Spanish Succession Dutch (4)

Rather a calamity this week, I ran out of figures to paint for this project, so it was more a case of finishing off what was on hand before the next order arrived from the UK.

Two more squadrons of horse join the Hoomberg Regiment.

I added the Dutch Generals command stand, three smart fellows in orange sashes.

Another field piece and a large mortar for if we ever decide on some siege action

Finally a load of dead and wounded markers for using as casualty markers, disorder markers or just laying around the battlefields for scenic effect.

On Tuesday the Osprey Campaign Ramillies 1706 book arrived, plenty of thought for some games in there.

And on Wednesday, much needed reinforcements from Baccus, some of these are already on the painting table and hopefully next weeks update shall be rather more stuff, I've already got a battalion of foot and two squadrons of horse very close to being based.

I plan to add two or three more battalions of Dutch foot and four squadrons of Dutch horse then I think it's time to make a start on some French.

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