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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Hundred Years War: English (6)

Just over a month after starting painting these two boxes of Agincourt English Infantry the final six Men at Arms were completed.

They have been a joy to paint and I've already started on some mounted French Men at Arms to have something to play against these with.

I've also managed to do the custom bases for these dozen units. These were a special order from Warbases, I wanted a 80x60 round cornered tray to hold six infantry or three cavalry, I'm rather happy with how these turned out.

I just need to figure out what rules to play them with now, I'm tempted with Warhammer Ancient Battles, Hail Caesar and To the Strongest! but all of these will require a lot more painting be done. I've tried Lion Rampant the once and was not that enamoured, maybe I need to give them another go.

Here are all 72 figures from both boxes arrayed with the Men at Arms in the centre and flanked by the archers. The stakes on the bases are also included in the 'English Army' set from the Perrys.

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