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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

El Cid-gard

I had written up a more complete battle report, but some vagary of using Blogger on the phone while it was still open on the laptop meant I lost everything I'd added on the phone.

On Saturday James and I played a rather splendid game of Midgard using my El Cid collection in preparation for our game at Partizan next month.

James used the Almoravids while I played the Spaniards. It was also a first outing for my Geek Villain "El Alemain" mat.

I've added a few comments to the pictures, but have lost the will to do a complete re-write.

The Spaniards

The Almoravids

The Caballeros get stuck in

El Cid leads the charge on the Spanish right

On the Spanish left they don't fare so well, against the odds the Africans prevail

El Cid and his Caballeros strike hard

In the first of many challenges of the game, Christian swordsmanship prevails

It does not go all the way of the Africans on my left, my Ballesteros, against the odd, beat up the camel riders

Despite their successes on their right, the Almoravid left and centre crumbles.

Almoravid horse are free on my left, but it's too late

King Pedro leads another successful charge deep into the Almoravid lines

A great game with lots of action and plenty of  heroic combat that the Spanish seemed to get ahead on this time.

James did not delete all his text and has a much more complete report over on his blog.


  1. Good looking game mat and a terrific looking game. I always enjoy seeing your Reconquista armies out for a battle.

  2. Grand looking game, Scrivs. I saw on James' blog that the rules are his own. Best wishes for it at Partizan too!

  3. Superb looking game and fantastic armies

  4. Lovely collection, great to see it in use, hasn't aged a bit unlike some of us! I had forgotten you did both sides, impressive output Scrivs. You were missed at Manchester old chum :)
    Best wishes,