Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday 13 November 2021

Gaslands: Lightweights!

 I've put together and painted some more vehicles from the ones supplied on the Implements of Carnage frames available from North Star.


The first one is a Buggy built from the model available on the Implements of Carnage Two frame. 

I left of the rear gunner and armed it with a harpoon from the Implements of Carnage One, likewise the bull bars are also from IoC-1

I'm having Dick Dastardly type thoughts about this design! If you harpoon another vehicle, then the lighter vehicle is pulled towards the heavier vehicle, so, being a light weight if you harpoon anything heavier I will be pulled towards it allowing me to catch up with a heavier vehicle out in front. 

The bull bars will act as a ram, just in case I am pulled too far.

As I said, it's very Dick Dastardly, and although the principle sounds strong, likely it will end in a Wacky Racers type calamity for me.

I've done this pretty much all over in a deep red colour with rusty armour and bull bars.


Implements of Carnage One contains a fast looking motor cycle, and I've decided to paint this one red to make it even faster.

It will pair nicely with the one I painted a few days ago. Again I've only played one game, but I think a couple of motorbikes with sub-machine guns would be a interesting and potentially deadly addition to a team.

Dirt Bike

While doing this batch I also added another dirt bike, there is no distinction between bike types in the game, so I could use either these or the road bikes in the same role. 

The dirt bike comes on the same Implements of Carnage Two frame as the buggy.

Martin is coming over tomorrow to play, it will be good to get a second game after painting fourteen vehicles this week I'll be spoiled for choice on what to use in our 50-can game.