Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Gaslands: More trackessories

Back from my city break with Victoria I've been working on some more trackessories that I ordered from Sarissa Precision

I picked up three packs of the traffic barriers, that I soon got assembled and painted in PVA before priming with a grey spray. I gave them a light coat of VMC Stone Grey and then added some arrows and chevrons in  white, yellow and red. 

After a coat of AP Dark Tone I reapplied the base-coats, added some detailing and some tyre scuffs at the bottom.

I also painted up a set of the jump ramps for extra hazard in our games, we may even be brave enough to give them a try in a future race.

You can also see in all the pictures the new Gaslands mat that Geek Villain did for me, after the last game I had "mat envy" for Martins mat so contacted Mack who did one for me in an alternate colour scheme.