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Saturday, 4 August 2018

American Civil War: Union (13)

I took a few figures with me on my recent vacation and was able to get the base coats and highlights done on another 20 Union infantry. These are all plastic figures from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Union Infantry 1861-65 set.

Painting was done using my standard palette, but I mixed a bit of Oxford Blue in with the Dark Prussian Blue to give some shade variation.

Arriving back from vacation I added the flags, finished off the basing and gave them a coat of Testors Dull-cote ready for these photos. The Regimental Bases are from Warbases and are a great fit for the 20mm Renedra bases I use for these figures.

Also on this vacation I managed to assemble the rest of a box of Confederate infantry and hope to get those painted soon.

These figures were in the car when we visited both Gettysburg and Manassas I think that I'll claim they are veterans of both :)

Here are some individual close-ups

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