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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Another team of Falange plus some scatter

These have been painted for a while and just needed the bases doing which I polished off yesterday evening. Then today I did the matt coat on these half dozen Empress Miniatures Falangists.

This batch includes my Jefe de Centuria, the chap in the natty blue jacket who will lead the force, a banner bearer, a Jefe de Falange to lead one of the two Falange that make up the Centuria. Apaty from the Jefe de Centuria these are all in the slightly later uniform than those I painted previously and rather than a blue shirt, these have a beige shirt (Vallejo German Camo Beige) with blue collar and epaulettes. Apart from that the painting palette is as per the earlier article.

I now have 30 Falangistas painted, and once the next seven that I base-coated this morning are finished I'll be able to field a Centuria of them in my Chain of Command Spanish Civil War games.

Here are a couple more views of the chaps.

Here is a close up of my Jefe de Centuria, a right nasty piece of work I reckon, I suspect he may have had socialist tendencies in the past that he is trying to atone for.

To accompany the headquarters, one of the Falangistas carries the Centuria colours.

I've not been idle this week, at the Cannon show in Retford I purchased a 'Fistful of Baggage' from Great Escape Games. From this cornucopia of goodies I have made three new Jump-off Points for Chain of Command.

The carbines, helmets and packs are from the Empress Republican 75mm Field Gun set. I had a lot of bits left over so I also made a load of bits of scatter to litter my games with.

This blister of resin goodies is a bargain at £6.00. I particularly like the box of fruit, as it is for my Spanish Civil War games, I did them as Seville oranges.

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