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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 19 October 2020

16th (The Queen's Own) Regiment of Light Dragoons

The Anglo-allied forces for the Hundred Days were coming along nicely, but I'd not done any cavalry for them so it was about time that I cracked on.

For the first units I purchased a pack of Perry Miniatures British Light Dragoons 1808-15 plus an extra British Light Dragoon Command so that I could make two units of eight for my initial force.

Like all cavalry, they are a faff to paint, with far too much going on with them to make it truly enjoyable.

There also seems to be a lot less variety in this set, you seem to be building the same rider over and over again. Likely that is because the frame contains parts to make both the pre-1812 and post-1812 cavalryman and as there are no common parts that leaves little scope for anything but the choice of shouldered sword or charging sword.

I've also modelled the second unit; currently on my painting desk, with the shouldered sword, but if I get another box will do the third unit at the charge.

The command frame allows you to build this officer and trumpeter which are both very nice figures.

A pair of troopers made from the set.

 Unfortunately, every one of the troopers horses in the set I had was a miscast, the left hand side of the horse is incompletely formed around the blanket roll, as my eyesight is so poor and I don't use my magnifier when building, only when painting, I did not notice this until far too late!

I'll have to do some green-stuffing on the ones in hand to fix this up.

Update:That area on the left hand blanket roll is not a miscast, you should be putting the carbine there, despite what the instructions on the box show.

Not my favourite of the Perry Miniatures sets but serviceable and I'll have to pinch my nose and paint another couple of units to complete my cavalry brigade.


  1. Your cavalry look superb. I am with you on painting horse tack and furniture. It is a troubling task.

  2. Miscast or not, the unit looks fab!

  3. Lovely work! They look quite utilitarian; horses are very convincingly painted. I shouldn't fret about the moth-eaten blanket, if I were you.

    1. Thanks Simon, although it now seems it's not a miscast, just poorly conveyed assembly instructions

  4. Splendid looking cavalry! They don't do the clearest instructions but the figures are fab and very nicely painted!
    Best Iain

  5. Nicely done Paul. If you think these are bad try the WWII Americans, quite shocking to assemble with no instructions to what arms fit what body better.

  6. Great looking British cavalry, Scrivs. I like them wearing the later shakos.

  7. They look great to me - I have the same figures but painted up for service in N America in the war of 1812 - even used a few of the extras as Canadian Militia Cavalry wearing the Tarleton helmets.