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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 18 October 2020

SU-76 support for the Soviets

Quite some time ago, Phil posted some rather lovely 1/72 scale SU-76 on his blog and I do think that the SU-76 is probably my favourite looking WWII armoured vehicle.

I decided that it was time to add one of my own to my growing collection of 28mm WWII Soviets.

I remembered that JTFM do a great model so sent off an order for one, and what with production delays and my vacation I only got around to painting it this week.

The colour scheme I used gives I think a good dirty tank look and despite the vehicle being plain old green leaves it looking I think a bit better that plain old green. The basecoat is Rustoleum Camouflage Forest Green spray that had VMC Russian Green blocked over. The whole thing was then washed in AP Strong Tone.

Once the strong tone is dried I blocked in again the basecoat of VMC Russian Green and highlighted the panels adding more VMC Iraqi Sand to each layer. One that was done I added stippling in VMC Black Green and VMC Flat Earth, then added stains and streaks with VMC Black Grey.

The decals I used are actually from a very old Battlefront T-34 model, but do seem to work OK.

The whole thing was then given a good going over with a Tamiya Weathering kit, muddier to the lower hull, sandier to the upper hull. As I said, plain green, but not plain green.

The two resin crew supplied with the vehicle were then painted and stuck in place. My only critique of this model are that the crew are a really bad fit and don't seem to be made for this crew compartment.

 Now, I do wonder when I'll get the opportunity to play with it, but at least it's there if I need one for my games.


  1. Lovely looking SU76! Nicely weathered,I've got the warlord resin version, quite nice and the metal crew fit!
    Best Iain

  2. A splendidly rendered Suka there Paul, hope it can get to see action soon.

  3. This is great looking model. Fantastic job!

  4. As everyone else has said, lovely vehicle, Scrivs! It has a modern armor look to it too.

  5. Great paint job Paul, subtle and very effective; far more than plain green.

    Cheers Ross