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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

More Great War Germans plus an admission of fading eye-sight

I had a good couple of days painting over the long weekend and managed to get another 18 WWI Germans from the Great War Miniatures range available from North Star.

On Friday I had started doing the base-coats on a dozen of them and despite wearing my strongest prescription reading glasses realised that I was really struggling to focus. Fortunately, 'The Range' have opened a new shop in town so I decided to take a walk over there and spent £14.99 on this....

What can I say, things came sharply into focus. After a faltering start where my field depth was all wrong and I was splashing paint all over the figure I soon go the knack of it and think that these eighteen figures are likely the most precise ones that I have done in years.

I followed my usual recipe, however to add some variety I have started painting the Assault Packs on these in grey and the haversacks in German Camo Beige.

You will also see in the image at the top that I have started making some Shock Markers to go with them for our Chain of Command games.

Here are some close-ups. I'm quite happy with the extra detail I can get on them with the craft magnifier.

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