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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sa-Loot 2015

On my previous two trips to Salute I was very restrained, this year I broke the mould and had a proper big spend.

As I was part of a game I was able to get in early and picked up a load of stuff before the show even opened.

The first item of the day was a pre-order from the lovely chaps at Gripping Beast a whole £165.00 of Woodbine WW1 French for myself and Dave as part of the on-going Verdun project.

Here is the grand un-boxing:

Plenty enough for a reinforced platoon of poilu each, although I doubt I will get them all painted in time for Partizan but watch this space as they appear in games over this year. I am currently cleaning these up and sticking them together.

I then went to say hello to Simon and Mike at Curteys and picked up a lovely pack of Romano-British casualties. Usually when you see resin figures you expect to pay through the nose, these beauties were only £5.00 for four singles and a triple. Great figures, great value.

Here they are out of the pack.

The next pick-up was a couple of packs of 7mm dice frames from Minibits for £2.00.

Then over to Warbases to pick up my pre-order of 20mm skirmish trays £18.02 with the pre-order discount.

However I decided to get some 25mm skirmish trays for the Verdun troops so blew another £17.60 on those

 So, by 0930 I had already spent £207.62 and the show was not open yet. I went back to the game and we played through to the early afternoon when I took a break.

Over at Empress Miniatures I purchased a couple of packs of Guardia Civil for the Spanish Civil War forces that seem to be ever growing, another £14.00 gone.

Back to my top chums at Gripping Beast to grab some 20mm and 25mm Renedra bases £12.50

Last gaming purchase of the day was £30.00 at Kallistra  for some trench sections to use in our Verdun games.

 Total spend £264.12, probably a Salute personal best.

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