Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 4 July 2020

French commanders, characters and personalities

After the cavalry last week I needed something to get me back into the painting groove so started adding a few personalities to the force.

First up was a Colonel from the 4e Régiment de Chevaux-légers (Lanciers).

The Warlord Games French Line lancers that I painted in the last batch include a 13th figure in the form of this mounted officer.

Rather than adding him to the unit I decided that he could command one of my light cavalry brigades.

He's rather dynamically posed and looks rather heroic, but, as a white metal figure with only a single point of contact to the base I do wonder how long he will last. I suppose I better not play any games with smush-handed friends.

As he was started at the same time as the other lancers he is in the colours of the 4th Chevaux-léger with red collar, facings, etc.

The next mounted officer is from the Perry Miniatures Mounted Infantry Colonels pack.

This base will represent one of my infantry brigade commands in our 'Big battle' game and a commander in one of our Sharp Practice games.

He is joined on the base by a sergeant from the Perry Miniatures Line Infantry NCO's pack, although looking back, I've been a goob and not painted his stripes.

As more infantry and cavalry get painted I plan to add a few more of these command bases for our bigger games. I've played Black Powder in the past, but was not that enamoured with them.

In the past few weeks I've purchased both Over the Hills and General d’Armee and have high hopes that they may fill the role for these games.

I've also been playing quite a few games of Command & Colours with mates back in the UK during the lock-down and I think that these have potential on the tabletop too.

The last three figures will work equally well as leaders in our Sharp Practice games and as markers for disorder in our 'big battle games.

The two NCO's are also from the Line Infantry NCO's pack, while the officer is from the Line Infantry Officers pack.

Again, I've only painted the NCO stripes on one of them, I may have to go back and do those on this one too.

Apologies for anybody who thinks that the copyright notice is rather distracting. One of the sock-puppet accounts on TMP has been taking my content and re-posting it to TMP. Despite multiple requests to stop doing it and delete the post it is still an ongoing problem so I'm putting a copyright notice on the images for now.

If I wanted my work on TMP I would put it there, however I have no desire to support that place.

Hopefully, TMP will disappear into the abyss one of these days and it will no longer be a problem.

Happy July the 4th to my temporary home and good gaming to you all.