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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Late recruits for Partizan

This morning I sprayed the varnish on Colonel Driant for James and these other dozen chaps for my own collection.

Before I went on holiday I did the first half dozen and completed the rest when I returned from Barcelona on Wednesday. They are done using my standard method that you can find here.

First up are a couple of officers, one keen young fellow with a whistle and an older head in a Chasseur kepi.

I've done another NCO, this time in a Chasseur kepi.

Two bombers.

A Hotchkiss machine-gun with three crewmen. The sand-bags are by Renedra and were supplied by Nick at Northstar.

Finally, four casualty markers.

All the figures are from the excellent Gripping Beast range by the Woodbine Design Company. I thought that this would be it before tomorrows game, but a late effort saw another half-dozen figures painted, I hope to photograph those before we get started tomorrow.

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