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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Eight Guardia painted - the Seccion is completed

At Salute I picked up a couple of packs of Guardia Civil from Empress Miniatures to complete my Seccion for Chain of Command Espana.

Of all the Spanish Civil War factions I have painted so far, the Guardia Civil really are the easiest to paint, they are basically German Uniform WWI, Beige Brown, US Tan Earth, Flesh Tone, Black and Gunmetal grey, I reckon in total no more than 30 minutes a figure to do.

Once they have been given a coat of matt lacquer I repaint the headgear with gloss varnish.

Here is a selection of close-ups.

Finally a shot of the entire Seccion (Platoon), plus a few spare figures. You'll note the Warbases '1p Trays'  I also picked these up at Salute and this week textured and painted all thirty of those. These are just six of them.

All being well these will be used on Thursday evening when James and myself introduce Pete and Simon to Chain of Command Espana.

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