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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday 11 June 2015

Opening up the goodie bag

Recently Warbases ran a give-away on their Facebook page, when their page hit 500 likes then a lucky winner would win a selection of products.

I don't consider myself very lucky, but this time I hit the Jackpot and Diane got in touch to get my postal details and yesterday a package arrived.

I was soon unbagging and here is the contents.

First up was six bags of their excellent laser-cut bases. I used loads of these so these will join the other load of MDF that is stuffed into a 9L Really Useful box and now doubt will be used over the coming months.

Recently they have started adding some laser-cut WWI vehicles to the range and these two will come in very handy with my latest project.

Firstly an Albion Lorry

Here is an assembled version from the Warbases web site.
Also included was a Model T Ambulance

Again a photo from the Warbases site of the assembled model

I've just about finished painting all my Poilu and the weather outlook for the weekend is poor so I may try to crack on with these over the next few days.

Finally a set of four very nice Musketeers

These are very nice sculpts and a great match for the characters from the recent BBC series. I recently purchased Flashing Steel from Ganesha Games, so I think these will fit in nicely.

I'm really chuffed with my goodie bag of freebies from Warbases, some great items that fit in well with both existing projects and ones in the pipeline.

Great stuff!

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