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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

For Sale: Rulebooks

Here are a load of rule books that it is highly unlikely I will ever play again.
Will ship worldwide, postage at cost.
Payment via cash or Paypal Friends and Family else you pay the fees.

Clash of Empires, great condition, never played, signed by author: £15.00

The Rules with No Name, great condition, never played £15.00

Spearhead, complete with TO&E book, playsheets and charts. Great condition: £15.00

Where the Iron Crosses Grow, scenarios for Spearhead. Great condition £10.00 - RESERVED Patkany

Armati, good condition: £5.00 -  - SOLD Matt

Advanced Armati, good condition: £5.00 -  - SOLD Matt

Crossfire, good condition: £10.00 -  - SOLD Matt

Foundry Miniatures Painting & Modelling Guide: £20.00 - RESERVED Matthew 2nd Reserve Thomas (LAF)

Third Edition Command Decision, unpunched, great condition, never played: £30.00

Principles of War, poor condition £5.00

Osprey, Clash of Empires Eastern Europe, great condition, never played: £5.00

Bolt Action Rulebook, hardly used: £10.00

Bolt Action, Armies of Great Britain: £5.00

Bolt Action, Armies of the United States: £5.00 - SOLD Scott

Bolt Action, Armies of Imperial Japan: £5.00 - SOLD Scott

Shako, good condition £10.00 - SOLD Matt

VBCW: The Peoples Armies £4.00 - SOLD Scott

 VBCW: The North Somerset Campaign £4.00 - SOLD Scott

VBCW: Royalist and Reactionary Forces £4.00 - SOLD Scott

 VBCW: The County Forces: £4.00 - SOLD Scott

VBCW: The Consise Source Book: £4.00 - SOLD Scott

VBCW: The County Forces: £4.00 - SOLD Scott

Twilight 2000, very old, but seems to be complete: £20.00

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