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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Hundred Years War: English (1)

Last Thursday was Agincourt Day and as it coincided with paint night at the Madison Tea & Crumpets Wargames Club meeting I thought it was only right that I should slap some paint on those Perry Miniatures Agincout English that I've been collecting and assembling for ages.

I gave them a coat of grey primer and with one batch I had a 'bollocks' moment. The bloody stuff clarted up and covered them in little lumps of crud. Being plastics I could not revert to the usual stick them in nail polish remover tactics so I gave them a scrub with a toothbrush* to get most of it off and then gave them a re-coat with some Rustoleum satin Nutmeg as a base-coat.

Calamity mostly avoided I then sorted out my first dozen English longbowmen with my usual, base-coat, wash and a couple of highlights method.

Here are some close-ups of the finished groups, another dozen are almost complete, another dozen started and some men at arms are also on the go. Made a nice change from all the ACW painted of late.

For this group I went with a red, white and black colour scheme, but with no consistent livery. Hopefully they hold together well without being identically uniformed.

The chap second from right was started by chum Drew on paint night, I finished him off and completed the highlights so he could go back to painting his ACW collection.

* You'll be thankful to know that I since binned the toothbrush.

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