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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Hundred Years War: English (2)

I've really been enjoying the break from painting ACW troops and these Perry Miniatures English Army 1415-1429 are lovely figures to paint. This week another dozen bowmen and the first few Men at Arms were finished.

The variety in these plastic Men at Arms allows for some great poses and some great scope for conversion. The figure on the right with the pick, the shaft broke while I was assembling, but was easily able to shorten it and put it back together

They were painted using my usual base-coat, wash and highlight, but I tested a new 'Secret Weapon' was that was handed out in the goody bag at Rockcon on these, it's a black wash rather than coloured so thought it would work better on the armour.

Another dozen archers were also completed, this time in a blue and white livery. A few of these were also marred with the primer accident that affected the last lot. But, I powered through and was able to hide most of it with the paint job. It probably shows up worse on the musician figure in this batch.

Another dozen archers are nearly finished and I should be able to post those soon.

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