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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Hundred Years War: English (3)

Work continues on the Hundred Years War English, a little slower pace of late as I had a a few days with a client in Minneapolis, MN last week and the past weekend Victoria and I had a fantastic get-away in Duluth, IA.

This week sees another dozen English archers added to the force and a commander painted long ago reconditioned.

A few years ago I painted the Martin Schwartz figure that was given away a few years ago. He really is a bit too late but lovely figure. The sword had broken off and he was looking a bit tatty so I replaced the sword with one of the Perry plastic ones and touched up the paintwork.

The main effort was spent on a dozen archers using green and gold as the main colours.

I'm getting pretty close to finishing these first tow boxes of Perry Miniatures Agincout English so I ordered some of their mounted French Men at Arms only to find out that the plastic mounted Men at Arms shall be out soon. 

I hope to have some more foot Men at Arms and archers ready over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

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