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Friday, 23 November 2018

Patrolling in strength

Last Thursday saw us playing Chain of Command using the 'Cocing up Mud & Blood' amendments from the summer special, plus some of the modifications James and I used in our own Bois De Caures campaign games.

The Bosche commanded by Drew consisted of a Senior Leader commanding four sections each of a Junior Leader, 8 Riflemen and 3 Bombers.

The Poilu commanded by Bruce consisted of a Senior Leader commanding 4 sections of a Junior Leader and D6+6 troops. For the French if an even number was rolled the unit had a VB launcher, 1/3 (rounded down) of the troops were bombers. When rolling for the French on the "Bad Things Happen" chart all rolls are at -2 making the French very difficult to shift.

We would play the modified Patrol scenario. Bruce had two points and added a Sniper. Drew had 8 points and added a MG/08, an Adjutant, a Pre-game Barrage with Feurwaltz.

Both sides started with a Force Morale of 8, definitely Advantage Les Poilus with their special rule.

The Germans had a very aggressive Patrol Phase and were able to get a couple of Jump-off Points well over the half way mark while the French were rather pegged back and only able to get a couple of theirs anywhere near their redoubts.

Fate swung back to the French though when Drew made the first Command Roll of the game turning up treble-sixes and ending the turn, cancelling the bombardment effect immediately.

The initial German push stalled when effective fire from the right-hand redoubt knocked over the  Unteroffizier leading one of the sections but the perfidious Hun replied by deploying their Maxim and raking the redoubt with a deadly fire.

With VB grenades falling all around the Maxim kept up its deadly hail and the French had to commit the Lieutenant to shore up morale among the troops.

Spurred on by the Leutnant and Obergefreiter seized the initiative and made a dash through a gap in the French defences, with the French Lieutenant already committed it was difficult to direct the reserves and the Bosche were able to break through the line and claim victory.

It was all over rather quickly, with a very light casualty count for such an engagement.

A few more shots from the game.

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