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Saturday, 24 November 2018

American Civil War: Union (15)

It's been about ten weeks since the Union forces received any reinforcements, but this week I put the finishing touches to a battery of Union 3" Rifles.

These are all put together from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Artillery set and it's a bargain at twenty quid for eighteen crew, three guns and three limbers.

I had a calamity when priming, the tin of Rustoleum Grey Primer did what can only be described as 'splurged' and covered the guns and crews with a later of claggy gunk. I tried to clean as much off as possible with an old toothbrush but some remains that you mat be able to make out in some of the pictures. 

The guns are painted from a base-coat of Vallejo Russian Uniform WWII that I think gives a good olive colour when highlighted up. The crewmen are painted pretty much the same as ever, base-coat, wash and highlights.

A battery of Confederate artillery has just been primed - without the drama attendant with the Union ones!

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