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Copyright © 2021, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 3 January 2021

2020 Retrospective: The ongoing war against the lead mountain

Fighting the battle against the lead mountain - 2020

I like to kick off the year with a retrospective of what was done the previous year and in summary, if COVID-19 was good for anything, it was staying at home and getting figures painted.

COVID-19 was terrible for gaming though, our ACW campaign remains in suspense since February. One highlight though is that I only started one new project Star Wars: Legion and Victoria has come along for the ride painting her own force of Imperials and has a solid win-loss record against my poor Rebels who she knocks about with abandon.

Back in May I felt that I had more than enough stuff for the Agincourt project and kicking around in the lead mountain found and painted a few 28mm Napoleonics that were left over from the force that I had last painted anything for back in 2014 

Needless to say with typical reckless abandon for me I've added about 13 more units of French and now also have a sizeable collection of about 15 units of Anglo-allied troops and this collection continues to grow.

I'm leaving Wisconsin in April and returning to the UK so I'll be able to reunite both halves of the collection and start on some really big battles.

So, in summary despite painting more 28mm than I ever think I have done before, I've only made a net dent in the lead mountain of 8 foot figures and 20 mounted figures. But, I now have three months of not buying figures before the move to make a bit more of a dent in the lead mountain.

The actual numbers below:

28mm Figures Painted and Based: 705 foot, 128 mounted, 1 dog, 5 ducks, 10 guns, 1 boat, 2 walkers, 1 escape pod, 1 vehicle

44 Perry Miniatures ACW Confederates foot.
12 Perry Miniatures ACW Confederates artillery crew and three guns.
46 Perry Miniatures ACW Union foot.
65 Perry Miniatures HYW English foot.
24 Perry Miniatures HYW French foot.
12 Perry Miniatures HYW French cavalry.
6 Gripping Beast El Cid Almoravid foot
2 Gripping Beast El Cid Almoravid camel riders.
6 Gripping Beast El Cid Andalusian cavalry.
4 Perry Miniatures El Cid Christian cavalry.
1 Spyglass Miniatures "Chick".
1 Airedale Terrier.
Barrage Miniatures Clinker boat.
Star Wars: Legion - Luke Skywalker.
Star Wars: Legion - Princess Leia.
Star Wars: Legion - Boba Fett.
Star Wars: Legion - Jyn Erso.
Star Wars: Legion - R2D2.
Star Wars: Legion - C3PO.
25 Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Troopers.
7 Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Commandos
Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Commander
Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Comms Tech
Star Wars: Legion - 2-1B Medical droid
Star Wars: Legion - R5 Astromech droid
Star Wars: Legion - Orson Krennick
2 Star Wars: Legion - Rebel AT-RT.
Star Wars: Legion - Crashed escape pod.
Star Wars: Legion Cassian Andor
Star Wars: Legion K-2SO
Star Wars: Legion Riyo Chuchi
Star Wars: Legion Rune Haako
234 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French foot.
4 Calpe Miniatures Napoleonic French foot.
48 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French cavalry.
13 Warlord Games Napoleonic French cavalry.
4 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French guns.
172 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British foot.
3 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British guns.
39 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British cavalry.
2 Warlord Games Napoleonic British cavalry.
2 Westfalia Miniatures Napoleonic British foot.
40 Warlord Games Napoleonic Hanoverian foot.
Pierre Ducos mounted: Brigade Games
Pierre Ducos on foot: Brigade Games
Michael Hogan mounted: Brigade Games
Michael Hogan on foot: Brigade Games
JTFM Enterprises SU-76
5 Warbases ducks
Too Far Lardies Hugh Jarse
Partizan Princess Elizabeth

6mm Figures Painted and Based: 18 mounted, 18 cattle
18 WSS Danish cavalry.
18 cattle.

Terrain Made:

Victoria Painted:
Star Wars: Legion Darth Vader
21 Star Wars: Legion Stormtroopers
7 Star Wars: Legion Imperial Scouts
2 Star Wars Legion: Z-74 Speeder bikes
Star Wars: Legion R4 droid
Star Wars: Legion medical droid
Star Wars: Imperial Officer
Star Wars: Imperial Comms Tech

New Figures Purchased: 681 foot, 86 mounted, 18 guns, 4 speeders, 3 walkers, 2 tanks, 1 cart, 1 horse
18 Perry Miniatures ACW gunners.
5 Perry Miniatures ACW guns.
8 Perry Miniatures ACW foot.
240 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French foot.
18 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French horse.
16 Warlord Games Napoleonic French horse.
4 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French guns.
176 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British foot.
35 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British horse.
3 Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British guns.
2 Warlord Games Napoleonic British horse.
96 Warlord Games Napoleonic British foot.
3 Victrix Napoleonic French guns.
15 Victrix Napoleonic French foot.
3 Victrix Napoleonic British guns.
15 Victrix Napoleonic British foot.
6 Perry Miniatures 100YW mounted knights.
3 Westwind Druids and a sacrificial goat.
92 Star Wars: Legion foot
4 Star Wars: Legion bikes
3 Star Wars: Legion walker
Eureka Miniatures Egg collecting set
Eureka Miniatures Field bakery
Eureka Miniatures Government official
Eureka Miniatures Cantiniere
Eureka Miniatures Wheelwright
Eureka Miniatures French mob
5 Wargames Foundry British mounted
5 Wargames Foundry British mounted

Unpainted Figures Acquired: 63 foot, 22 mounted
48 Perry Miniatures Agincourt for my birthday
Star Wars: Legion Cassian Andor & K-2SO for fathers day
2 Westfalia Miniatures Highlanders from Drew
Star Wars: Legion Jyn Erso from Drew
Brigade Games Pierre Ducos from Victoria
Brigade Games Major Hogan from Victoria
Brigade Games French ADC's from Victoria
Brigade Games Sharpe & Harper from Victoria
5 Brigade Games British Rifles from Victoria
2 Brigade Games British Officers from Victoria
Brigade Games British sapper from Victoria
14 Perry Miniatures British Light Dragoons from Marie


  1. Wow! Impressive amount of painted figures and terrain, Scrivs. Best wishes for your return back to the UK. I'm sure you'll be busy reconnecting with family and friends.

    1. Thank you Dean.
      I hope to be back in 12-24 months and eventually get out to an event on the NW coast.

  2. As Dean said, "Wow" this is an impressive accomplishment. Now, if you find no room in the overhead luggage for all of these fine beauties on your return flight to the UK, I will help you out by taking them off your hands.

    1. Thank you Jonathan, the removal company will be shipping most them with the rest of my chattels. Some will stay in storage here though for my hopeful return in 12-24 months.

  3. Impressive, not just in the numbers but in the bookkeeping too. Nice

    1. Thank you, I find it gives me motivation to both paint and stop buying new figures ;)

  4. Some very impressive paiting totals

  5. A splendid result for the year, as to not buying new figures, nevah!🙂

    1. Cheers Phil, every year I do start out with good intentions, typically lasts a few days.

  6. A fine head count Paul...
    ‘Not buying any new toy soldiers’...
    Nope I’ve said it out loud a couple of times... makes no sense whatsoever 😂

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly, I'm moving back to the UK in April, so don't really need to have figures delivered here to take home unpainted. That said there is about $200 already in my cart at Brigade Games

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  8. A great list Paul. When we do escape lockdown V3. I do worry about the gaming community, we won't have a lead mountain left... what will we all complain about :-)
    Looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings.

  9. Paul,
    You've made progress but you will never win the war!

    1. I know, I'm certainly pushing that boulder up the mountain though

  10. Paul, Very impressive painting and book keeping. Sorry to hear you will be leaving in April. It was good gaming with you at Midwest Lard last year.
    Best of luck.

    1. Thank you Jim, it was a pleasure to host you.
      I do hope to be back in 2022 and I'd hope to have a repeat.