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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cannon in Retford 30/03/2014

On Sunday James and I will be dragging ourselves out of our respective beds at what seems like a really early time - the clocks go forwards - and putting on our Battle of Gallabat game at the Cannon Show in Retford.

The battle saw one of the first British pushes against the Italians in the East Africa Campaign and took place on the 6th November 1940. Featuring Slims 10th Indian Infantry Brigade supported by a mixed squadron of 12 light and medium tanks, artillery and the RAF against a fort held by mainly Italian native troops.

This battle was a prelude to the Battle of Keren that took place two months later and that we will be fighting in a couple of weeks at Salute.

If you are at the show this weekend, pop over and say hello.

No doubt I'll take loads of photos and update the blog for those of you who cannot make it.

Ha Ha - just noticed terrible spelling mistake in the title :)


  1. Ooh! Scrivs... do take a load of piccies and post them up matey. I'm very interested in this game and how you guys have gone about doing it.


  2. Looking forward to seeing the game. Bringing the trade stand but I'm sure I will find time to wander and take pics

  3. Good luck, Paul. Wish I could be there. The game will look splendid, I have no doubt!

  4. Thanks chaps, I'll make sure I get a lot of photos taken.