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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Friday, 14 March 2014

More Republican reinforcements

Slow progress this week. First up is the Force of Arms BA-6 that I started when working away. This is just a basic paint job with Vallejo Russian Green highlighted up by adding Dark Sand and then weathered using the Mud, Dark Sand and Rust from Tamiya Weathering Master kits.

This was a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest. I ordered a Chevrolet M37 with T-27 turret, what turned up was a BA-6 body, so I asked for the extra road wheels which were shipped, but it was not until I started painting it that I realised that the steps for the doors and the front bumper are missing. It will have to do now

Next up are another half-dozen Trade Unionist Militia from Empress Games, this takes me up to 24 now, so nearly half way there with regards to the platoon.

I've decided to let those Musketeer IRA and civilians go and I'll replace them with Spanish Militiamen as I get on with the painting.

Here are a few more shots, the figures still need a coat of matt varnish though.


  1. Fabulous work again! I especially like this great BA-6.

  2. Thank you, I just finished another six, hope to get the images up soon.