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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Scratch built Spanish Civil War building

A few weeks ago I emailed Grand Manner about the possibility of picking up some Spanish buildings at Salute. Well, last Saturday they had not responded so I set to with some foam-core, coffee stirrers, bass-wood and Wills pantiles.

I knocked this one up pretty quickly, starting with a base of 8" sq hardboard I built the structure up from foamcore textured with pumice gel, the wall posts are 1/4" basswood and the gates and doors are made from coffee stirrers.

The whitewashed brickwork and render was given a basecoat of Dulux Dutch Gold 3 and highlighted up with Reeves 'Sand'. The doors and gates were painted Vallejo Pale Sand and highlighted up with Vallejo Ivory. The roof was sprayed Leather Brown and highlighted up with Saddle Brown and Dark Sand.

Some graffiti was daubed on and the basing done.

There are a few things I am not happy with, I think that I made the windows are too big and like a doofus forgot to put a chimney on it!

 Here are a few more images taken from each fascia.


  1. Not happy with it? My God, man! It is outstanding!

  2. Looks excellent to me and saved a packet on a resin kit from Grand Manner

  3. This building is really amazing, congrats!

  4. Great work Scrivs. A solid defensible position!! It has that rustic look so typical of Spain....perfect.


    Happy Wanderer

  5. Lovely job - I hadn't noticed the lack of chimney.
    You've been very busy along with putting on a game at Retford.

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  7. Considering the quality of your own effort and the considerable price of GM product I'd say that's a win-win.

  8. Hi Scrivs,


    I'm note sure if you noticed on the Regulares army list but there is a note about the number of VB Launchers a platoon of Regulares can have. The text is incorrect in saying there can be a total of four...the can only be two. The support list choice is correct.

    Also, I have made minor edit corrections to a few lists so if you want the latest version of them all then Email me....they do not change the fabric of the existing lists...just edit corrections.

    I'll try and see if Rich can put up a revised single PDF with the minor changes in there.


    Happy W

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  9. Wouldn't worry about the chimney, they always seem to get broken off!!! Looks fantastic, I reckon!

  10. Awesome! You should be proud of it. I scratch build my own Spanish buildings for my Napoleonic table. Use the same construct you do ( foamcore) . Nice work.