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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nationalist Support Troops

This week I have been painting up some supports for the Moroccan Regulares that I painted up whilst in Cornwall last month.

First up is a Empress Panzer IA that James gave me for painting some figures for him. I have done it in Nationalist colours. I decided that to help with transportation I wanted to base this one.

I have also added a pair of Nationalist 50mm Mortars, again from Empress Miniatures, the colours used on these were.

  • Trousers, jackets, puttees, great coats - German Uniform
  • Shirts - Light Green Blue
  • Knapsacks - Tan Earth
  • Straps - Black
  • Piping - Red
  • Shoes - Pale Sand
  • Flesh - Medium Fleshtone
  • Mortar - German Grey

Once base-coated I gave them a wash of Vallejo Sepia wash and then re-did the base coats and added highlights.

The other two crewman in the packs look more Republican, so I'll use those when I come to add some supports to my Militia.

While I was doing the base for the tank, I also added a base to the Force of Arms Bedford truck I painted a few weeks ago.


  1. Very nice work on these fine chaps! The PzKpfw. 1a is definitely my favourite.