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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Thursday, 2 January 2020

American Civil War: Confederates (19)

It's been several months since I last added any Confederates to the collection, but, under the tree was a box of Perry Miniatures Confederate infantry wrapped up for me. Over the past few days I've assembled and painted a couple of dozen of them as a Virginian Regiment of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Most of my Confederates previously painted are as a rag-tag bunch in a mish-mash of greys, butternuts, etc. but I wanted this unit to look more uniform. So, they are all painted with the same coloured jackets and kepis (base-coat VMC Dark Blue-grey) with a blue collar. All trousers are painted in the same colour (base-coat VMC Neutral Grey), only the blanket rolls etc. are less uniform.

There are three highlights on each uniform colour, adding a touch more VMC Pale Grey in each, but the highlights are really not showing up that well in the images.

The only difference to the standard uniform colour applied throughout this unit is that the officers coat is done off of a base-coat of VMC Luftwaffe uniform. The flag is from Warflag, printed out at the local Staples.

Although most of the infantry are using the advancing pose, I made up some of them using the arms from the Union Skirmishers frame for a little variety adding a chap ramming home, one biting into his cartridge and the other firing.

These are a handful of the standard advancing infantry.

You can find my post on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge here.


  1. Looks great as the ANV cadet gray. Good job!

  2. Solid clean work. Nicely painted unit!

  3. Wonderful work Paul, command figures are awesome great poses and fantastic paint job...

  4. They turned out well. What rules do you use for these?

    1. Thanks, typically Sharp Practice, but also Longstreet.
      Played Picketts Charge for the first time last week and will likely do more of those too.