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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Desert Rats reinforcements

What with all the Spanish Civil War fun of late I've rather neglected the 1941 East Africa campaign that I have a deadline on. So, this week I finished off another group of Perry Miniatures Desert Rats and a couple of Blitzkreig Matilda II

The infantry did not take a lot of work to be honest, they have been sat on my windowsill complete apart from needing the bases doing.

The Matilda II were both done from scratch, one of these is for James Morris to go with the MK VIB Light Tank that I did for him the other is for my own collection. They are worked up from a mixture of Vallejo Dark Sand and US Tan Earth to just Dark Sand. They were finished off with a Tamiya Weathering Master, Rust on the exhausts, Dark Sand and Light Sand on the bodywork. The headlights are completed with my standard NMM technique.

The photos are a bit shoddy, but if you want to see these in the flesh, pop over and say hello at our upcoming demo games at Cannon on the 30th March, Salue on the 12th April, Partizan on 1st June or Crisis on 1st November, we'll be happy to talk to you.