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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

The militia gets a Jefe, Commisar, more Milicianos and some supports

It's been a productive week on the Republican Militia front. This week I have completed my Jefe and Commisar / Army Officer Advisior.

Unfortunately, with the angle of the photo his nonchalantly smoked cigarillo looks like he is sticking his tongue out!

I plan to use the troops as a contingent from UGT - Unión General de Trabajadores - so have painted up a Miliciana holding a UGT banner, unfortunately my G went a bit wobbly, it will do for now but I may redo this at a later date.

With all the other figures I purchased there was also another banner bearer with a much smaller banner, so I did this one as P.O.U.M. - Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista - for the eventuality of me fielding them as something different for a change.

Ploughing on through the figures, I did another five Milicianos.

And five Miliciana including a light machine-gun team

Finally a pair of Republican army 5cm mortars for some much needed fire support.

All the figures are 28mm from the Empress Miniatures range.

Here are a few more shots from different angles.


  1. Very nice painting again. I love your flags. They turned out great.

  2. Nice work as always, Paul. I like the LMG on the oil drum. Best, Dean

  3. Excellent work with this militia, realy impressive! Love the flying flags and the LMG especially, but also the patterns on the dress and the basement...actually, all is perfect!

  4. Really lovely work yet again Paul.


  5. Love the banners..and the subtle tones. Cracking!

  6. Thanks chaps, I appreciate your kind comments.