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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Ibn Scrivs gets a new model and a unit of raiders

We have been playing quite a bit of To the Strongest! of late and although I really like how my Almoravids look, my characters are only on 30mm round bases so don't look particularly imposing. It was time to do something about that so I ordered the Mutatawwi'a Warlord figure from the lovely chaps at Gripping Beast along with a few other bits and bobs.

I had decided that the command base should also have a standard and a Berber drummer so dug out a couple of spare figs. The spear-man figure I used for the standard bearer had broken off at the ankles so I pinned his stumps to the base and knocked up some spare feet with some green-stuff.

At the same time I also cleaned up another 15 cavalry some of which was ordered at the same time as the Warlord, some others I received in payment for painting Tony's wagons.

I also wanted to do a mounted Sayyid (Prince), so when cleaning up the cavalry I posed one horse a rearing and on a 50mm diameter base, this was a bit of a bugger as I broke the rear legs and ended up doing no end of pinning and green-stuffing.

Having painted the Mutatawwi'a Warlord figure I did not like how he sat on the large command base, so instead chose to mount this figure on the 50mm round base as my Sayyid. My Emir would now be represented by one of the armoured Berber models. I think this looks better.

At the same time I also painted another unit of 14 Berber horse, these include more armoured figures than my other two units, with half an eye as having them do double duty of Hasham Guards. I quite like how these have all come out.

For all eighteen figures I used the reduced palette that has served so well for the rest of my Almoravids so everything is really just white and blue with a touch of gold and black. The text on the shields is from doing a Google image search for Arabic poetry and either copying sections or just getting an idea for the flow, I quite like how it works out.

Emir with bodyguard of banner-man and drummer to relay orders.

Mounted Sayyid on rearing horse

Berber Horsemen

Close-ups of some of the models

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