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Friday, 18 December 2015

¡Viva la Revolución! (for the first time in ages)

I've been itching for a Spanish Civil War game for quite some time, so when James and I found ourselves at a loose end for yesterday evening I eagerly jumped at the chance. Although James did inform me on Wednesday that he had a business meeting for Thursday afternoon that may go on into the evening I was a bit dismayed, but he wrapped the deal up early and was able to make it to the Rose and Crown in plenty of time.

We decided to pit two terrible militia forces against each other. I would use the UGT socialist trade union militia while James, assisted by Rage, would use the Flangists, we decided on the Patrol scenario as neither of us could see our side doing well in an attack defence game!

Rolling for Force Morale we were both starting on a paltry 8! Playing out the Patrol Phase we ended up with the jump-off points shown below. Marked respectively in red for the Republicans and blue for the Nationalists

I had nine points to spend on Force Support and chose: El Hombre, Light machine-gun, Army Officer Advisor, 10 additional Militia, Adjutant. James spent his one point on an Adjutant. I selected the Machada:

Going first I rolled a double six to maintain the next phase, so deployed a section on my right and then immediately moved them up to the edge of the small field near the centre of the board.

The Fascists countered with a secccion of their own militia and a fire-fight soon ensued. However, with the Republicans lacking in numbers and command this could only go one way....

As you can see in the photo below the Nationalists had the shit shot out of them and first wounded and then killed the Jefe de Falange, Rage rolled terribly for Force Morale and the Nationalists lost four points of in this incident.

Determined to recoup some glory the Nationalists made a bold move. One of the Republican squads was caught in the open and despite being badly shot up lost no men, but suffered six shock. Seeing their chance the Falangists bayonet charged them killing six outright for the loss of only one of their own, the Trade Unionists were routed.

However, the Nationalists were caught in the open by a deadly burst of machine-gun and rifle fire from a small farmstead and were routed. The Falangists Force Morale collapsed and the Republicans claimed a rare victory, finishing the game on Force Morale seven. An auspicious day indeed!

Here are some more images from the game.

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