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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Some El Cid Christian Spanish

I've been painting quite a lot of Almoravids of late but this week I've added a few Christian Spanish to the mix. These are all from the Perry Miniatures First Crusade range and were picked up from the Bazaar of Obscurities.

To add to the 'Spanish' look I green-stuffed some tassels onto the horses and shields.

To give a coherent look all the Christian Spanish have a consistent gold and red shield pattern, this corresponds quite well with the blue and red scheme used on the Almoravids.

The four knights will be the start of a new unit of Caballeros and I'll add a few more figures over the coming months.

Again, ten armoured spearmen, I'll add a few more figures to create a new unit. These are a bit 'heavy' to be used as Peones so will likely be used as either guard or mercenaries.

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