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Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Challenge 2015 - Winning the battle against the lead mountain

The New Year Truce in the battle against the Lead Mountain.

On my sidebar I keep a tally of the figures painted during the past year and as 2015 draws to a close the sidebar will be cleared and a new tally started.

So to wrap up 2015 I'll review the state of the lead mountain and start again with a zero balance for 2016

Figures painted and based for myself in 2015

  • 108 Great War Miniatures 1916 Germans 
  • 9 Assault Group Gurkhas 
  • 10 Black Scorpion Cowboys 
  • 12 Empress Guardia Civil 
  • 1 Force of Arms Guardia Civil 
  • 22 Empress Spanish Foreign Legion
  • 2 Empress Panzer I 
  • 1 Hammerhead Erich von Falkenhayn 
  • 8 Empress Republicans 
  • 1 Empress UNL-35 armoured car 
  • 82 Woodbine Design Company WWI French 
  • 5 Old Glory WWI French casualties 
  • 2 Warbases WWI Trucks 
  • Partizan General Bauduin 
  • Curteys Haile Selassie 
  • 2 Partizan WWI footballers (image above)
  • Partizan Sir Donald Wolfit 
  • Great War Miniatures German 77mm FK96 gun 
  • First Corps FT-17 
  • 37 MDS Berbers 
  • 1 Artizan Berber 
  • Salute 2014 Captain Maud 
  • 21 Gripping Beast Berbers 
  • 22 Northstar International Brigade 
  • Partizan Belgian Detective 
  • 16 Gripping Beast Berber cavalry 
  • 7 Empress International Brigade 
  • 10 Perry Miniatures First Crusade foot 
  • 4 Perry Miniatures First Crusade cavalry 
  • 5 Old Glory WWI German casualties 
  • 4 Wargames Foundry(?) goatherd, goat, sheep, monk.

A good total of 377 infantry, 6 vehicles and a gun added to the collection. Not bad considering for three months mid-year I hardly lifted a brush.

Over half of these were for the new Verdun 1916 project that James and I started at the end of 2014, but the Spanish Civil War and El Cid collections benefited from a lot of additions too.

I also had the opportunity to paint a few figures for friends.

Figures painted and based for others  in 2015
  • 16 Perry Miniatures AfrikaKorps (for Quinton) 
  • 1 Scarab kit-bashed Colonel Driant (for James) 
  • 4 Gripping Beast Wagons & 4 horses (for Tony) 
  • 1 Warlord Games Wagon & 2 mules (for Tony) 
  • 15 Gripping Beast wagon-guard & civilians (for Tony) 
  • 3 Footsore Germanics (for Tony) 
Now, the credit column looks good, lets take a look at the debits.

New Figures Purchased

  • 79 Great War Miniatures 1916 Germans 
  • 10 Armed Housewives from LAF 
  • 84 Woodbine Design Company WWI French 
  • 8 Empress Guardia Civil 
  • 10 Old Glory WWI French and German casualties 
  • First Corps FT-17
  • Curteys Haile Selassie 
  • 10 Northstar International Brigade 
  • 11 Gripping Beast Berber cavalry

I think at 192 infantry, 11 cavalry plus a vehicle I was quite restrained. However, this is only figures I purchased myself new from the manufacturers. I also 'acquired' quite a few figures via other means, such as trades on the Lead Adventure ForumFacebook or similar, payment in kind for doing some of the above painting for friends and as gifts from generous family and friends.  

Unpainted Figures Acquired: 

  • 2 Empress PzIA from LAF trade
  • 1 Empress UNL from LAF trade
  • 13 Empress Guardia Civil from LAF trade
  • 24 Empress Spanish Foreign Legion from chum Tony and LAF trade
  • 8 Empress Militia from LAF trade
  • 4 Warbases Musketeers won in a competition
  • 1 Partizan General Baudin show freebie
  • 2 Warbases WWI Trucks  won in a competition
  • 1 Partizan 'Sir Donald' show freebie
  • 1 Great War Miniatures 77mm gun from chum James 
  • 6 Great War Miniatures gun crew from chum James 
  • 12 Northstar International Brigade from chum Nick
  • 8 Perry First Crusade foot from LAF trade
  • 4 Perry First Crusade mounted from LAF trade
  • 5 Gripping Beast Berbers from chum Tony
  • 5 Gripping Beast Berber Cavalry from chum Tony
  • 7 Empress International Brigade from chum Tony
  • 12 Gripping Beast Berbers from Victoria

So that is another 99 infantry, 9 cavalry 5 vehicles and a gun. However, every single figure that I have purchased or acquired by other means has been painted (or on the painting table needing finishing) this year, plus every outstanding figure on commission is painted so not a bad state to be in.

Actually, as well as painting everything bought or acquired this year I have also painted another 86 infantry figures, the lead mountain does diminish, although looking at it I think those extra 86 figures have hardly made a dent.

So, on to 2016, given the proposed move to territories new in 2016 I expect my gaming activity to be slightly curtailed, however, if I am not gaming as much I do sense an opportunity to get a load of figures painted - those cold Wisconsin winters sound perfect for sitting in the warmth with a paintbrush in hand.

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