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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Another learning game of Star Wars: Legion

Victoria and I played another learning game of Star Wars: Legion on Sunday afternoon. Our last game was the basic learning game from the rules.

This time we took it up a small notch.

The Imperials played by Victoria now have three units of five Stormtroopers, one unit with an extra DLT-19 Stormtrooper. The Imperial Command Deck also included Darth Vaders cards.

My Rebels now had three units of Troopers, one unit with an extra Z-6 trooper. The Rebel Command Deck now included Luke Skywalkers cards.

The game area was still a 36" square but the hab unit was in the middle, in a corner of each deployment unit was a collection of supplies. After turn six the winner would be the one who had captured the enemy supplies, in a tie, the winner would be the one closest to the hab unit door.

Both sides rushed to man the barricades and a brisk firefight soon ensued.

First casualties were on the Rebel unit with the Z-6 who lost three men to accurate fire from Stormtroopers and Speeder-bikes.

With everybody in cover the AT-RT was not going to do much so started a wander up the middle of the table, he'd at least draw fire and may stop the Stormstoopers from manouvering.

The boss turned up to motivate the troops and the blaster fire did seem to get much more accurate.

Eventually, the AT-RT went down, that DLT-19 was especially deadly.

It was not all the Imperials way though, Luke took down the Speeder-bikes in a familiar fashion.

Luke then charged into the Stormtroopers but Darth Vader turned up and ruined his day.

With the clock running down, Darth relentlessly advanced across the table and made short work of the Rebel Z-6 unit, another turn would have seen them done for completely.

At the end of the game, neither side had captured the supplies and both sides were hanging around the entrance to the hab unit, so it was down to units lost. My Rebels had lost Luke and the AT-RT while the Stormtroopers had only lost the Speeder bikes. A minor victory to the Imperials but I will concede that Victorias minor victory was much more emphatic than my minor victory last time.

As we are now enforced "Stay at home" I'm sure we will get a lot more games in.


  1. Looks good mate, although I'm used to seeing a lot more terrain in a wargame!

    (Steve Bowman btw)

    1. Cheers Steve, we've ordered some bits from Shapeways so the games should start to evolve.

  2. Win loose or draw... it’s always nice to get the toys out on the table...

    All the best. Aly

  3. Nice Paul, great stuff, I think more terrain otherwise it becomes a shooting gallery!


    1. Cheers Mat, you are right about that and the Imperials do benefit from that. I'll plan to scratch build some more stuff this week and have placed an Etsy order for some 3D printed stuff that looked very nice.