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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Hundred Years War: French (22)

I'm all out of figures to paint for the Star Wars: Legion project so it's back to the Hundred Years War project that I put on hiatus to crack on with that.

Another six French Men at Arms join the cause, as usual all from the Perry Miniatures Agincourt Mounted Knights 1415-29 set.

Like the previous one, the Knights are based on Renedra 45x20mm and then on the 80x60mm  sabots I ordered from Warbases.

This now brings me up to seven units of mounted Men at Arms for our To the Strongest! and Hail Caesar games.

I painted them in batches of two knights and two horses so there is quite a common palette on them.

Some of the individual shots of the knights.

A "Fancy Dan" with this plumed helmet

The arms from this one are off the foot Men at Arms frame, I think they fit quite well.


  1. Well done , lovely minis!

  2. Lovely work Paul,

    Hopefully get to some of mine before the end of the month


  3. Nice! I like the variety of horseflesh.

  4. Really cool, I like how dark your armor is. Is that more of a gun metal rather than steel?


    1. Cheers Jim, I do go for a dark look, it's a basecoat of VMC Gunmetal Grey + Black then highlighted up from there. I try to do different chaps in different shades so some stay almost at the basecoat others end up almost silver.

  5. Awesome! Almost makes me want to get into middle ages.

  6. Thank you, with the Perry plastics it's an inexpensive entry point.

  7. Lovely HYW cavalry, Scrivs.