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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Force of Arms* SCW Truck

James gave me a truck from Force of Arms* to paint for my fledgling Spanish Civil War collection. We are going to need a few trucks for the Battle of Keren game so I have painted this in desert colours but will also be using it with my Regulares.

When playing Chain of Command I quite like using trucks as Jump Off points as if the troops are de-bussing from them.

This was painted mainly in a mix of Vallejo Tan Earth and Dark sand. the windscreen and headlamps were done using the 'non-glassy-glass' technique.

I polished off with some Tamiya Model Master weathering.

* was orginally under the impression it was an Empress model, it is actually a Force of Arms Bedford.

Unfortunately, the photos have come out a bit dark.