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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Force of Arms* SCW Truck

James gave me a truck from Force of Arms* to paint for my fledgling Spanish Civil War collection. We are going to need a few trucks for the Battle of Keren game so I have painted this in desert colours but will also be using it with my Regulares.

When playing Chain of Command I quite like using trucks as Jump Off points as if the troops are de-bussing from them.

This was painted mainly in a mix of Vallejo Tan Earth and Dark sand. the windscreen and headlamps were done using the 'non-glassy-glass' technique.

I polished off with some Tamiya Model Master weathering.

* was orginally under the impression it was an Empress model, it is actually a Force of Arms Bedford.

Unfortunately, the photos have come out a bit dark.


  1. Nice brushwork on this truck, Paul. The way you painted the windows alone are a work of art. Best, Dean

  2. Really looks the part.


  3. I have since been informed that it is a Force of Arms model.

  4. "Tamiya Model Master weathering"

    Hi Scrivs,

    How do you use this weathering technique? I bought those little kits with the make up brushes but can't seem to get this system to do you do it?


    Happy Wanderer

    1. I use the sponge end to add dark dirty streaks and use the bush end to basically drybrush the thing, using darker tones at the bottom of the vehicle and lighter tones towards the top.