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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Scrivsland Clearout January 2014

It's time to clear out some of those (crikey I nearly said all, that would be scary) those projects that I'm never going to get finished so here is a chance to pick up a bargain.

All prices exclude postage.

Payment by Paypal or cash please.

Flames of War BR744 8th Army Machine-gun Platoon - new in blister £5.00 - SOLD

Flames of War BR766 Field Platoon Royal Engineers - new in blister £5.00 - SOLD

Artizan Designs - 26 Moorish Archers - £24.00  - SOLD

Artizan Designs - 11 Moorish Spears / Command  - £10.00  - SOLD

Warlord Games Commandos - 15 figures still on sprues, some figures removed and used - £8.00 - SOLD (PETER)

War of Spanish Succession French Infantry Regiment. 21 painted Ebor figures £60.00
I think I did these as Regiment De Champagne of Blingeys Brigade at Blenheim - SOLD

Front Rank War of Spanish Succession Mounted General - started to be base coated £1.00 - SOLD

21 Ebor Miniatures War of Spanish Succession infantry - started to be base coated - £10.00- SOLD

2 Front Rank War of Spanish Succession Mounted General - £3.00 - SOLD

5 Front Rank War of Spanish Succession casualties - one started to be base coated £4.00

Front Rank War of Spanish Succession cannon and three crew - £6.00 - PENDING PAYMENT (DAZ)

Front Rank War of Spanish Succession howitzer and three crew - £6.00 - PENDING PAYMENT (DAZ)

60 Ebor War of Spanish Succession infantry and command - enough for 3 battalions - £42.00
3 figures of the 63 figures photograph SOLD


  1. You certainly have a lot of lead there, Paul. No surprises though - I know the bewildering amount of genres you paint and game. BTW, I am a bit surprised to see the multi-fig based of those WSS Ebor figs - excellently painted. Those are large stands for 28mm. Best, Dean

  2. They are 60mm frontage and 80mm deep. That is what the group I was painting to use with were already using.

  3. Update
    The following are sold:
    The following are awaiting payment and reserved:
    Artizan Moorish archers
    Artizan Moorish spearmen
    Painted WSS Regiment
    Part painted WSS General
    Unpainted WSS General
    Part Painted WSS infantry
    WSS Howitzer
    WSS Cannon
    3 unpainted WSS Foot

  4. Only 60 unpainted WSS infantry left and the five casualty figures.