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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Troop of Mk VIB Light Tanks

I've already posted the MkVIB that I did for James, I also have done another troop of 1/56 BlitzKreig MkVI Lights for myself, this time in Caunter effect.

The colours used were a basecaot of 50:50 Vallejo Dark Sand & US Tan Earth, Basalt Grey and Light Sea Grey. I then painted the interiors Stone Grey. The tracks and exhaust were painted with a mix of Saddle Brown and Gunmetal Grey. The whole thing was then washed with Vallejo Sepia Wash and then the basecoats and highlights re-applied.

Once dry I weathered using Tamiya Model Master and added Perry Miniatures crews.

The antennae are bristles from a plastic broom. The names are entirely made up.


  1. Very pretty toys. Well done sir.
    Cheers, PD

  2. Absolutely wonderful stuff Paul. Your Caunter scheme is top notch, not too bright like some. The faces in the commanders are very nice too.