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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

SCW in Hook

Following on from and in response to Toms 'Saxons in Swindon' post, I find myself in a hotel in Hook for a couple of nights.

I bought along a few models, paints, tools, glue and a daylight lamp and have spent a productive night in the hotel room.

First up I have assembled what I purchased from Ebay as a Force of Arms Chevrolet M37/T-26 Armoured Car but on closer inspection and viewing this page it is actually a Force of Arms BA-6 with one set of wheels missing!

No problem though it will still be supporting my Republicans. I'll get this primed when I get home.

 I have also added another bit of support for my Nationalists, an Empress Pz IA that mate James donated to the cause. I just need to paint the crewman and get some weathering done.

Finally, I did the highlights on nine armed 1930's civilians that I think are all from Musketeer Miniatures range, but I did pick them up second hand ages ago, so could be wrong on that. Despite a bit of tweed and carrying Lee-Enfields and Lewis Guns once the bases are done they will drop into my Republican Militia.

Apologies for the shonky photos, the iPhone really is not up to this task.