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Friday, 21 February 2014

Holiday Cottage Painting update day 7

The final day of our Cornish Cottage vacation, no painting at all this morning as I had a lie in and stayed in bed until 08:15!

Victoria soon turfed me out though as we had a booking at Fifteen Cornwall for breakfast at 09:30. We were there in plenty of time and were seated at our table at 09:15. We had a fabulous breakfast watching the tide crashing in at Watergate Bay.

We had a drive into Newquay and then along the coastal road back to Padstow, picking up some Cornish Pasties on the way for our tea.

I realised that I had not posted a picture of my holiday workbench, so here it is a bunch of paints in a 4L Really Useful in the window bottom, an upturned Really Useful lid with a cutting mat as my painting pallet, my daylight lamp and Samsung Tab 3 for reference and playing 6 Music throughout the day.

Eagle eyed readers will notice Carcassone and Guillotine too, for the record I just won the Holiday Carcassone tournament, but Victoria thrashed me at Guillotine.

On to the painting update for today, Firstly a Mk VI Light that I have done for James Morris for our East Africa campaign games.

I have also done three of my own, in Caounter this time. I completely re-painted the light grey as the last lot looked too blue.

I have also been painting Nationalists for James Woodward today, firstly a pair of medium mortars.

And a section of six Legionaires:

Neither of these two groups have photographed that well though and the figures are packed up for the journey home so I'll not get a chance to re-do the photos.

Well, this is the end of the last holiday painting updates. No doubt more pictures though when I get the tanks crewed. weathered and aerialed and the bases done on my Moroccans.


  1. More great stuff Paul.

    A few questions if I may?

    1/ Are the tank names for the Africa historically sourced? If so where did you find the names?

    1/ How did you know what paints to take with you?

    3/ Do you think I'll get away with taking my paints on holiday too? :>)


  2. Thanks Darrell.

    1/ Made up

    2/ I took a guess and bought about a thurd if my paints, there was a light grey and a chocolate brown I really should have bought

    3/ Ask, what is the worst that can happen. I did take them to Spain once and it was too hot to paint.

  3. Your paint area looks tidy and relaxing. Best, Dean