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Monday, 17 February 2014

Holiday Cottage Painting update day 3

Day two was an early start again, up at 06:45 I made myself a cuppa and set down to doing the highlights on those four Moroccans that had had a sepia wash.

Before Victoria had stirred I had also done the base-coat and wash on another four of the Moroccans.

After breakfast we went to the Eden Project and managed to get out of the rain for a few hours - and into a rain forest!

 After a rather lovely lunch at the Eden Project it was back home and those four Moroccans that had been washed this morning were highlighted:

And as part of the production line, another four were base-coated and washed.

I did a little more work on those two Mk VI lights, you'll see a commander stuck in one of them

I made a good start on the base-coat of the other two. One of these is being painted for James and he did not want Caunter.

I also gave a base-coat and wash to three objective markers / jump-off points.

I don't think I'll get much more done tonight, Victoria and I plan a few games of Carcasonne.

Also, interesting to compare with what I was doing this day last year:

And the year before:


  1. Blimey! Great brushwork.

    You certainly pack your painting time into your day to day schedule Paul!


  2. Sorry Grant I hit reply and caught the delete button. It is actually two shades of gret but looks quite blue in the photos

    1. Phew! Good to hear! ;)

      Looking forward to the result.